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The shop of the moving industry.

Come and visit our shop in Etoy, you will find everything that you need that you need for your move.
Sales of moving boxes, packing materials etc...

Selfbox is the solution for ordering your moving boxes and packing materials for carrying out your move.


A storage adapted to your needs

For storing your belongings, furniture, sports’ material, your stock of raw materials, archives, etc…

Selfbox is the self-storage that responds to all your storing problems.

Are you seeking the best solution to meet your needs in matter of moving ?

You will find below all the responses to your most frequent asked question. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions..


  • Is there humidity in the box ? +

    There is no humidity in our box.

    Indeed, we use containers to provide space to our customers this system is totally waterproof and therefore there is no risk of that humidity penetrates in it.

  • Can you beneficiate of removal men for moving and storing your belongings to your box ? +

    Unfortunately we don’t provide removal men to our customers in order to carry out their moves or putting their belongings to storage.

    On the other hand, we can advise you to ask Balestrafic SA which is a professional of the moving industry to provide you a quote for those kind of services.

  • How long is the minimum length of a contract ? +

    The minimum length of a contract is one month

  • How should you proceed to terminate your storage contract ? +

    • Empty your box
    • Go to the reception in order to get the refund of the deposit
    • Pay the left month ( Please note that when you start a month this one is due)
  • How can you change of box ? +

    In order to change of box you have to proceed as follow:

    • Make a request to the following phone number: +41 21 807 30 25 or the following email address:
    • Sign the new contract once Selfbox will have responded favorably to your request
    • Carrying out the transfer of your belongings in the new box
  • When can you get access to your box ? +

    You can access to your box from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm 6 days a week

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